Samir’s Magical Moment

SamirWhen people say you’re the only one who can make or break a guest’s day, it is so true. I was having a horrible shift at work until I got my bump out and decided to end my day on a positive note. As I was walking to the break room, I notice a family crowd around princess Sophia’s backdrop taking pictures of their daughter. I looked at the little girl, and on her shirt there was a ‘Make-A-Wish’ pin. In that moment, I realized that I had do something special for this little girl. I walked up to her and gave her the four Little Mermaid stickers I had in my pocket and said, ‘Have a good night, sweetie.’ But then I stopped myself and turned back around and said, ‘Actually, wait one more minute. I’m gonna be back with something for ya.’ I come back with a stack of Disney stickers and made her a sign that said ‘Have A Magical Day’ with a heart at the end. I looked into her eyes and gave her the sign and stickers and told her that she was the most beautiful princess I’d ever met. I let her show me around princess Sophia’s backdrop area as if it was her own castle. Then, I gave her the biggest hug ever, and as I was leaving the dad said, ‘Thank you. I got that all on tape, and you honestly made our family’s trip.” I simply smiled and said, ‘Anything for your little princess.’


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