Katie’s Magical Moment

KatieI was working load at Tower of Terror, and there were these two little boys with their dad, all wearing bright matching polos. I started talking to them about where they wanted to sit and if they were excited. They actually spoke Spanish, so their dad mostly translated, but I talked to them using what I could. They were super shy at first, but they kept coming back and waiting for my platform. I think it ended up being six or seven times that night. I let them pick which row [they wanted] each time and introduced them to the elevator as my boys. They came back a week or so later while I was at load. I looked up and got really excited to see them. They ran up, hugged me, and said it would be five instead of three. Their mom and aunt introduced themselves to me. The mom came up, hugged me, and said it was so great to see someone that loved their job so much. They were such a sweet family.


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