Katie’s Magical Moment

KatieI was working in Tattooine Traders, and I had a pin on my lanyard with a pig on it. It was from a rare completer to a set. I didn’t know it was rare, and a fellow cast member came over and said that everyone kept asking her if she had it. I was excited to hear I had this rare pin, so I stuck it in my pocket to save for someone who asked for it. I realized that some people don’t ask for certain pins, they just look to see if you have the ones their looking for. Right when I put the pin back on my lanyard, a family got off Star Tours and came over to trade pins with me. They all started jumping up and down with excitement to see that I had the pin with the pig on it, the one they had been looking for. The children’s mom told me that they just rode the last ride of their trip, and they were about to leave Hollywood Studios to go home. They had been looking for this pin during their whole vacation. When I traded pins with them, all of the kids hugged me before they left. It felt so great to know that I had created this wonderful moment for them and made a memory right before their magical vacation in Disney World ended.


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