DaQuinn’s Magical Moment

DaQuinnIt was my first day out of training, and I was hanging out with Eeyore at Boat Dock [in Animal Kingdom]. It was my first guest, and I was truly nervous about it. The first family comes up, and it’s a mom and her son. The boy had to be about 12 or 13. Eeyore went in for a hug but was kindly stopped by the boy. He then pulled Eeyore closer to his mom and said, ‘Mom, Eeyore wants to say hi to you.’ Eeyore didn’t realize the mom was blind. As Eeyore went in for a hug, the mom’s face lit up, and she squeezed that donkey as hard as she could. The mom then began to talk and said, ‘Today my son is taking me around Disney. Thank you for meeting with me, and have a wonderful day.’ It killed me to see that a son who should be having fun and being a kid is the one who is taking his blind mother around Disney. To have that as my first guest interaction after training, I knew right then and there I would love my job. That is by far my most memorable magical moment ever to happen to me.


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