Chelsea’s Magical Moment

ChelseaOne night I was working in Veranda, the largest and busiest restroom in Magic Kingdom. It was the end if the night, just after Wishes, and I was preparing the bathroom to close and had blue rubber gloves on. A little boy, probably 4, came up to me and said, ‘Hey lady! Cool gloves. Think I could have a pair?’ I smiled and handed him an extra pair of gloves as well as a Mickey Sticker that said ‘honorary custodian.’ He helped me wipe the sinks and the whole time his mom was laughing and taking pictures. Just before they left, she thanked me and said, ‘Only in Disney World can you have so much fun in the bathroom!’

The next day I was telling the story to my manager, and he started laughing so hard! He said that he’d seen that boy last night and he asked to help my manager with the trash. My manager had replied that he appreciated the offer, but for safety reasons he couldn’t accept his help. The boy (who I found out was named Wesley) replied, ‘It’s okay, sir, I’m an honorary custodian,’ and flashed his sticker like a badge! Of course, after that, my manager let him help and started talking to Wesley’s mother who told him all about me in the bathroom. Wesley made my night, and I’ll never forget that!


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