Austin’s Magical Moments

AustinI was working at Package Pick-Up [in Hollywood Studios]. A family with an autistic boy came up to get their package. The boy needed to go to the bathroom, so the dad took him, and the mother stayed behind to sign the slip. After getting her package, I started visiting with her, asking the basic stuff. ‘How was your day,’ et cetera. We had a good conversation, and she informed me about her wonderful day. She continued on to inform me that her son believed that I and every Cast Member were super heroes and that he wanted to have our magical powers.

While working at Oscar’s, a mom came up with 3 little boys. I started chatting about their day and they proceeded to spend the next 15 minutes telling me about all the cool stuff they did that day. The last thing they did was go to the Disney Junior dance party and get balloon animals. I mentioned that I love ballon animals, and I thought their balloon animals were really awesome. The conversation wrapped up, and the mother shuffled the boys toward the gate. However, the youngest boy, around kindergarten or 1st grade age, turned around as they were leaving and ran back. He took off his balloon animal Mickey ears and handed them to me. He said, ‘Thanks for making my vacation magical!’ and hand me the balloon. He then smiled and ran back to his mom, and they exited the park.


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