Alyssa’s Magical Moment

AlyssaMy managers gave me a letter that a guest wrote about me. It was probably the best moment of my college program. There was also a picture attached with the letter. It said, ‘I am writing to rave about a great guest service that I received from a Discovery Island Cast Member. I parked my double stroller in front of DI to watch the parade. Alyssa was out front, using the Mickey Safari RC to entertain kids. My daughter Bianca was amazed by the toy and has so much fun chasing it around. This was a life saver to me, as I also had my nine month old daughter in her carrier. I was a little anxious as to how I was going to keep Bianca entertained along with her little sister. Alyssa saved that looooong 30-minute wait for the parade by keeping Bianca entertained. I snapped this picture of Alyssa and Bianca before the parade made it to DI. It makes me smile to see Bianca so enchanted by what could easily be such a mundane task. I appreciate the great guest service that Alyssa gave to Bianca, and by proxy me.’ This letter meant so much to me that just by me having fun with this little girl it made the day and experience so much easier for her mother. That moment made all the hard hours and work so much more enjoyable.


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